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Holiday Memories and Recycled Vintage Fabrics

Posted by Barb Brown

Dec 3, 2013 7:23:33 PM

Our family’s favorite time together is dinner time…the food, the wine, the conversation.  I know the trend for “open concept” living is all the rage, but for us, the dining room, closed off from the busy-ness of our lives, is where we love to gather and share.


Recycled Vintage Fabrics


The dining table has been a foundation of creativity for as long as I can remember, but never more so around the holidays.  From those iconic Thanksgiving apple turkeys to individual placecards adorned with mini pinecones or river stones painted with each guest’s name, holiday projects were both a way to formalize the meal as well as a source of entertainment for the children and adults alike. Creativity ruled; we didn’t care about “perfect”.  My husband likes to joke that his formal Yankee Grandparent’s motto was “children should be NOT seen and NOT heard”!  Can you imagine!?!  Not in our household!

Recycled Vintage Fabrics

Now that the kids are flying the coop and I have more time on my hands, I love making table runners from my vast collection of vintage fabrics.  The textiles I use depend on the occasion or season.  Nubby vintage chenille with its amazing array of color and textures is perfect for a baby shower.  Textural bark cloth from the 40s blends beautifully with the smooth elegance of vintage velvet for winter nights and the delightfully colorful fabrics of vintage Lilly Pulitzer adds a real pop of color in welcoming back Springtime.
Recycled vintage fabrics . . . whether you scored yardage from estate sales, selected vintage clothing from Goodwill or inherited a box of Grandma’s linens from a neighbor… will make you feel proud about your resourcefulness and, the textiles you choose can provide the beginning of what will become one of your family’s fondest memories…your stories.
As always…with Love,

Recycled Vintage Fabrics
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