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Vintage Fabrics and What I know...

Posted by Barb Brown

Nov 26, 2013 12:08:00 PM

I know… the pure joy on my children’s faces as they ran outside in a rainstorm returning covered in mud.  I know…the spontaneous leap of faith that took me across the country to live independently was the best decision I ever made. I know…the reckless abandon that would find me with muddy toes in the morning, while a tad embarrassing, is a memory I treasure.  I know…that I was lucky enough to grow up a “free range” kid exploring the world on my blue Schwinn bike.  And, I know…you can’t teach that kind of freedom.


Vintage Bicycle


Don’t get me wrong, I had structure…I went to school.  I did my homework.  I had chores.  I was a participating member of my family of six.  In fact, one of my first chores was ironing my Dad’s handkerchiefs and pillowcases and, in the summer, I would spend time with my Aunt who lived in the mountains where we washed our clothes in one of those refrigerator-sized machines with the really cool rollers that would squeeze your clothes dry. 





Who knew that my on-the-job training would eventually lead to my current passion…rescuing and recycling vintage linens.  My passion conjures up those childhood memories… of freedom…of adventure… of muddy toes.

And, I know…the look of joy…of peace…on the faces of those who remember too.

“Remember the feeling as a child When you woke up and morning smiled Its time its time its time you felt like that again” (Taj Mahal, Giant Step)

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